info <file> [options]


Prints some useful information about the given input file, which can be an image, transformation (requires MIRTK Transformation module), or point set (requires MIRTK Point Set module).



Input image or transformation or point set file.

Image options

-a -attributes

Print attributes of image.

Transformation options


Print attributes of transformation. (default)


Print name of transformation type.


Print enum of transformation type.

Point set options

-point <id>...

Print info of points with the given zero-based indices.


Report cell types and how many of each. (default: off)


Report point set bounds and center point. (default: off)


Report edge length statistics. (default: off)


Check for self-intersections. (default: off)


Display surface area information

-output-surface <file>

Write surface mesh to specified file. (default: none)

Standard options

-v, -verbose [n]

Increase/Set verbosity of output messages. (default: 0)

-debug [level]

Increase/Set debug level for output of intermediate results. (default: 0)

-version [major.minor]

Print version and exit or set version to emulate.


Print revision (or version) number only and exit.

-h, -help

Print help and exit.