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Medical Image Registration ToolKit (MIRTK)

The MIRTK is a research-focused image processing toolkit, developed at the BioMedIA research group. It provides a collection of libraries and command-line tools to assist in processing and analyzing imaging data. The main application of the MIRTK is in adult and neonatal brain MR image registration as well as the reconstruction of cortical surface meshes. The modular project organization of the MIRTK enables the installation of selected modules.

In the event you found the MIRTK useful, please consider giving appropriate credit to the software with a citation of the research article(s) describing the implemented algorithm(s). See the list of publications for suitable references.


Module Brief Description
Common Base classes and common functions. (required)
Numerics Utility types such as matrices and functions for numerical optimization.
Image Image containers, interpolators, and basic image processing filters.
I/O I/O functions such as image and point set file readers and writers.
Point Set VTK point set/surface filters. Required for point set/surface registration.
Transformation Image and point set transformation types and regularization terms.
Registration Image and point set registration library.
Deformable Library for Euler integration of deformable meshes such as cortical surfaces.
Volumetric Mapping Filters for the volumetric mapping of brain volumes.


Parts of the Common, Numerics, Image, Transformation, and Registration modules and command-line tools of the MIRTK originated from the IRTK written by Daniel Rueckert and Julia Schnabel. All of the transformation and registration code of the IRTK was rewritten from scratch by Andreas Schuh during his PhD studies, with a new modular and extended registration framework. Additional modules and commands for the reconstruction and inflation of cortical surface meshes, the registration of surface meshes, and the harmonic mapping of brain volumes were subsequently added to the MIRTK.