cut-brain <image> [options]


Cut input brain volume/mask into left and/or right hemisphere(s).



Input brain image, mask, or (tissue) probability map.

Command options

-plane <nx> <ny> <nz> <b>

Cutting plane parameters. (default: 1 0 0 0)

-hemispheres <file>

Hemispheres mask (0: outside, 1: right, 2: left) from which cutting plane is computed. (default: none)

-subcortical <file>

Mask of subcortical structures which may be cut in half no matter whether they are labeled left or right. (default: none)

-left <file>

Output name of left hemisphere image. (default: none)

-right <file>

Output name of right hemisphere image. (default: none)

Standard options

-v, -verbose [n]

Increase/Set verbosity of output messages. (default: 0)

-debug [level]

Increase/Set debug level for output of intermediate results. (default: 0)

-version [major.minor]

Print version and exit or set version to emulate.


Print revision (or version) number only and exit.

-h, -help

Print help and exit.