edit-dof <dofin> <dofout> [options]


This tool provides a generic way of modifying the parameters of a transformation (linear as well as non-linear). It uses the generic interface member function Transformation::Set whose arguments are the name of the parameter and the value to be set as string.

To allow this tool to be used like any other command-line tool, it performs a generic conversion from option names to parameter names. While option names are all lowercase and start with one or two hyphens and use hyphens also as word separators, parameter names start with a captial letter and use spaces as word separators but also hyphens for some compound words. See examples below.


Example 1


edit-dof svffd.dof.gz svffd.dof.gz -number-of-integration-steps 128


The option "-number-of-integration-steps" used here corresponds to
the parameter "Number of integration steps" of the SV FFD transformation.
The new value for the parameter will be 128.