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edit-image <input> <output> [options]


Modifies the attributes of an image stored in the header.



Input image.


Output image.

Command options

-size <dx> <dy> <dz>

Voxel size (in mm)

-tsize <dt>

Voxel size (in ms)

-origin <x> <y> <z>

Image spatial origin (in mm)

-torigin <t>

Image temporal origin (in ms)

-orientation <x1> <x2> <x3> <y1> <y2> <y3> <z1> <z2> <z3>

Image orientation.

-copy-size <image>

Copy voxel size.

-copy-origin <image>

Copy origin.

-copy-orientation <image>

Copy orientation.

-copy-origin-orientation <image>

Alias for -copy-origin -copy-orientation.

-copy-origin-orientation-size <image>

Alias for -copy-origin -copy-orientation -copy-size.


Set orientation, origin, and affine transformation matrix to default.


Set affine transformation matrix to default.

-dofin <file>

Apply transformation to axis, spacing and origin information in the header. Note that any shearing that is present is stored as additional affine transformation (c.f. -putdof).

-putdof <file>

Store affine transformation in image header (NIfTI only).


Swap the x and y axis vectors.


Swap the x and z axis vectors.


Swap the y and z axis vectors.

Standard options

-v, -verbose [n]

Increase/Set verbosity of output messages. (default: 0)

-debug [level]

Increase/Set debug level for output of intermediate results. (default: 0)

-version [major.minor]

Print version and exit or set version to emulate.


Print revision (or version) number only and exit.

-h, -help

Print help and exit.